The photo above is Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin (1805 - 1871), "The Father of Modern Magic".  I wonder what he would have thought of iPhones and Rubik's Cubes?  In this exciting new show that I am presenting, you will be taken down the path of how the early conjurors have successfully influenced the modern magicians of today. The similarities may not be obvious, but they are definitely evident. You will learn how the great Max Malini of the early 1900’s was influenced by Issac Fawkes of the early 1700’s with a very similar trick that became a blockbuster to this very day. Not many people know this, but Harry Houdini was not the first escape artist to free himself from handcuffs. But Houdini knew how to market himself and make the genre of escapology a real attraction. Come see this show and make the connection of the magic of the PAST, to the magic of the PRESENT. This is the very same magic that we see today on television. And to make things even more intriguing, I will also be bringing into the show a GUEST MAGICIAN to show everyone how the creative mind of a magician works, as he performs one of his truly baffling illusions!


“MAGIC: Past & Present”

and witness for yourself why MAGIC has lasted so long!


January 28, 2022 @ 7:00pm